Rolling & Bracing Courses

Our kayak rolling and bracing clinics take place in the pool. As you practice you’ll have a safe and comfortable pool environment to learn in, and the water is warm!! The pool is the perfect place to learn, explore and perfect kayak roll basics and just as importantly, to practice bracing. We will guide you through an easy to learn progression of steps to build the important skill of rolling that opens up the gate to confidence in kayaking!

The kayak rolling and bracing clinics are 1.5 hours long. We take you through an easy to follow progression, which will take you from having to bail on your boat to rolling with confidence. We provide equipment (kayak, paddle, skirt) but if you’d like to bring your own you can.

We recommend that you’ve taken a kayaking course before trying our rolling and bracing clinic. If you haven’t, try our river kayaking course to learn some of the basics or call us to talk about other options.

2017 Dates:

Tuesday Evenings

1.  May 2
2.  May 23
3.  June 20
4.  July 18
5.  Aug 22

Costs: $ 65 + GST