Waterwerks Kayak Club encourages and facilitates the growth of canoeing and kayaking on moving water by enabling its youth and adult members to develop their paddling skills leading to a stronger paddling community.

We offer programs year-round for beginner to advanced paddlers.


Waterwerks Kayak Club:

  • Provides opportunities for new paddlers to experience paddling on moving water and for experienced paddlers to improve their white water paddling skills.
  • Provides equipment, qualified instructors and organizes regular paddling sessions for paddlers of varying skill levels, abilities and interests.
  • Operates year-round with a variety of activities┬áthat enables the members to enhance their skills in the winter/off season and in the summer/paddling season.
  • Provides a spectrum of programs that range from novice skill development, recreational paddling, and competitive paddling.
  • Supports leadership development for members through educational and certification courses with the goal to create a strong base of qualified leaders and instructors.
  • Provides a social environment for recreational paddlers to practice their skills and meet other similar-minded paddling companions in structured and unstructured paddling activities.
  • Collaborates with stakeholders within the paddling community including paddling shops, other paddling clubs, provincial governing bodies (such as Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak, Alberta Whitewater Association, Alberta Canoe Polo Association) and organizations that value the sport of whitewater paddling.